City of St Paul, Minnesota Vacant Building, Code Compliance – category 1, category 2, category 3 WHAT DOES THIS MEAN IF I BUY THIS FORECLOSURE? HOW DOES THIS AFFECT SALEABILITY?

City of St Paul, MN Code Compliance Report Category 1, category 2, category 3 THINGS BUYERS MUST KNOW

Are you thinking of buying a vacant home or property in St. Paul, Minnesota (MN)? Have you checked to see if this foreclosure / bank owned home is on the City of St. Paul VACANT BUILDING list?  If you haven’t your going to wish you had.  Linked above is a PDF explaining the difference between CATEGORY 1 – CATEGORY 2 – CATEGORY 3 vacant buildings.  Let’s just say category 1 is not so bad,  category 3 may require a bulldozer!  Check out this story from the Star Tribune about this issue

The city says – we want our housing supply cleaned up!  With the ever growing supply of vacant buildings on the City of St. Paul’s hands, they decided to to take a troubled situation and take a long vision approach.  The fact is, if a home sits vacant and uncared for for too long it moves up the ladder from vacant – category 1 (no problem, just do an ordinary Truth – In – Housing report)

But, once it goes to category 2 or 3 –  Buyer be very aware!  That simple Ikea flip might turn into a hellish nightmare! Although some neighborhoods are fighting back! Dayton’s Bluff and the Hillcrest area have been holding tours of vacant homes to help get them sold! Check of this story from Fox 9 – KMSP

The real deal is that you need a qualified, foreclosure knowledgeable Realtor to help you purchase bank owned / vacant homes in the City of ST. Paul.  John Schuster with Coldwell Banker Burnet is one of the Top Agents in St Paul  and Minneapolis area.  He sold over 100 homes in 2008 and he knows how to work with the banks to get you a fabulous deal.  If you should be thinking of purchasing a foreclosure anywhere in the Twin Cities area contact John Schuster @ 612-924-7140

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